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If you’re looking for non-directive, evidence-based information about egg donation, you’re in the right place. is the product of a partnership between Generations Ahead, the Health Equity Institute for Research, Practice and Policy at San Francisco State University, ChoiceUSA, and We Are Egg Donors.

There is no right or wrong answer to the question “Is egg donation for me?”

Each person must decide for themselves, and we hope that this website helps you make that decision.This web tool offers questions, considerations and things to think about to enable you to critically engage with the decision making process. For example:

How might egg donation affect your everyday life, physically and emotionally?

Is egg donation right for you?

What resources can you draw upon to help you make this decision? Your community? Yourself?

In short: this website was created to support your personal, informed choice about egg donation.

This project was born out of recognizing a need for non-directive, evidence-based information for people considering egg donation. Most of the information you’ll find about egg donation on the Internet is presented by recruiters from IVF clinics or third party egg donor agencies. The organizations that created this website have no financial benefit in your decision to donate your eggs.

How to use this website

You can use this website two ways:

Method #1 - Use the search bar to find keywords (e.g. “payment” or “risk”)

Method #2 - Peruse the six stages of egg donation, depending on what stage you want to know more about.

This website presents egg donation in six stages:

It can be challenging to find evidence-based information about female reproductive issues in general. The first use of a donor egg was reported in Australia in 1983. Since then, egg donation remains a relatively young procedure, and there have yet to be any long-term studies on health outcomes. Given this absence of information, it is up to you to balance the risks and benefits of becoming an egg donor.

Look out for four types of flags. Here’s what they mean:

Conversation: This flag highlights considerations you can bring forward to your clinic or agency throughout the process.

(For example: What is the procedure to access your medical records and number of eggs retrieved following the retrieval?)

Consideration: This flag highlights some potential concerns to keep in mind as you decide whether or not to donate.

(For example: How much information are you comfortable disclosing?)

Controversy: This flag highlights heated debates regarding bioethics and reproductive rights.

(For example: Is informed choice possible in the absence of longitudinal research?)

Warning: Similar to the “controversy” flag, this section highlights cautionary considerations that will help you avoid a potentially unpleasant or dangerous situation.

(For example: Do not give consent to become an egg donor until after the screening process.)


While the resources on this site are primarily focused on egg donation practices in the United States, this information is drawn from international medical literature, websites and many medical and advocacy organizations. You’ll find many different experiences and perspectives on this procedure.

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