Synchronize menstrual cycle

If your eggs are not being used for research or if they are not going to be frozen, they will likely be implanted into the intended mother or a surrogate.  Therefore, your menstrual cycle and that of the intended mother or surrogate will be synchronized.  This is done so that when your eggs are retrieved, the intended mother or surrogate is at her optimal time during her menstrual cycle for the eggs to be fertilized and implanted on the wall of the uterus.  Everything is timed so that both the donor and the woman who will carry the intended child to term are at their most fertile time.

Questions to ask:

What’s involved in synchronizing my menstrual cycle with the intended mother or gestational surrogate?

Once you have met with the intended parent(s), given your consent, and signed all required contracts, you will begin the process by taking birth control pills.  The birth control pill allows you and the clinic to control when you will have your period.  You may take more or less than a normal pack of birth control pills in order to synchronize your cycle with the intended mother or gestational surrogate.