Rights & responsibilities

Questions to ask:

Do I have access to the test results from my medical screening?

According to HIPAA regulations, you have the right to  access all of your medical results, even if you choose not to donate your eggs, and also if you are not chosen.

Conversation: Access to your genetic screening results

There are ongoing discussions in the medical and human rights communities about who should have access to genetic information and how.  What kinds of genetic information are doctor’s obligated to reveal and to whom?  Should the donor receive the information?  Does she have an obligation to pass this information along to family members?

Do I have an obligation to tell my family if I find out new information about a genetic disease?

You have no responsibility to tell anyone about your test results (medical or genetic) if you do not wish to do so . However, it can be in your best interest to receive medical advice or counseling to best assess how to move forward and make healthy decisions for yourself.