If you are not accepted to be an egg donor due to medical or genetic screenings, it is important to find out the precise reason for your disqualification.  Any information that is revealed over the course of medical and genetic screenings can be pertinent to your health and well-being.

Questions to ask:

What are my options if I am not chosen by one agency/clinic/recipient(s), but I am still interested in donating my eggs?

Just because you are not selected by one program does not mean that you will never be chosen to donate or that you are not fit to donate. Since there are many possible reasons you could have not been selected, see if the program can give you feedback about your application and/or recommend a different agency or clinic.

Is it natural to feel rejected after not being selected to donate my eggs?

It is completely natural to feel rejected if you are not chosen. It is important to remember that sometimes programs are looking for very specific donors.  Many programs have very stringent requirements that reject numerous donors every day.  But this does not mean that you won’t be accepted by another program or agency.