Most agencies provide a flat rate compensation for their donors and cover any medical or travel expenses associated with the donation process.  Some agencies compensate their donors for travel expenses along the way, or pre-compensate donors for expenses such as gas or food during travel.  Other agencies expect you to keep all of your receipts from costs associated with the donation process and will compensate you with a separate check after the donation process.  Still other agencies provide you with one check after the retrieval that covers your designated compensation and any travel expenses.  As payment procedures vary from agency to agency, ask your agency for details before you start the process.

Questions to ask:

Will I still receive payment if my eggs do not result in a pregnancy?

If a cycle must be canceled before eggs are retrieved, some (but not all) programs provide partial compensation, which is often based on the number of days of treatment completed.

Even if the harvested eggs do not result in a pregnancy, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) states that compensation should not vary based on the number, quality or outcome of donated eggs.

Will I be reimbursed for travel?

Most programs will reimburse donors for travel, although this will vary with different programs and will often be outlined in the egg donation contract.

When do I receive payment?

You should receive payment directly after the egg retrieval surgery, or at the follow-up appointment about a week later.  Some programs give you one check and others will issue two checks - one for your standard payment and one for travel compensation.