Non-medical screening

Most egg donation agencies will initially require you to fill out various forms and/or questionnaires asking for personal information, personal and familial medical history, and a current photo of yourself.

Selected egg donor candidates will undergo a thorough non-medical screening phase that allows agencies to collect information that helps them find candidates that match their criteria and have a good probability of completing their egg donor program with success.

The main factors to consider in this phase are your personal and medical privacy, your rights and responsibilities (both medical and legal), and how the agency’s egg donation process matches with your expectations and needs. This phase is an excellent time to ask all the questions you have and air all of your concerns.

If the agency selects you as an egg donor, you will generally be asked to sign a medical consent form and a legal contract. It is appropriate to advocate for a legal contract, and separate legal counsel, before you begin self-administering injectable medication.

If you do not feel comfortable with some of the agency’s procedures or requirements, you can apply and donate through another agency.

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