Morning visits

Over the course of your donation cycle, you will be required to check in frequently to monitor hormone levels and other medical concerns.  During the medication phase, these visits are often referred to as the “morning visits” that occur over the course of several days.

Questions to ask:

What is entailed in the morning visits to the clinic/agency?

While you are taking the medications, you will need to make about 6-10 visits over the course of two weeks to monitor your response to the medications. This is usually done with a vaginal ultrasound and a blood test.

Will I be able to fulfill my other commitments (family, work, school, etc.) during this time?

Most clinics try to schedule these appointments in the early morning, so they will not interfere with your daily schedule. However, it is important to think how they might affect your other daily commitments during those two weeks and whether or not you are willing to allow for any changes you may need to make in your schedule.