Matching with intended parents

Some egg donors donate to friends or family members.  Other donors go through programs and agencies.  The matching process varies from agency to agency.  Some agencies will collect your information into a donor profile.  Intended parent(s) can then look through the available donor profiles until they find someone with the traits they are looking for.  Some donor coordinators get to know their donors and make recommendations to intended parent(s) directly.  Feel free to ask your agency regarding their matching process.

Questions to ask:

How will I be matched with intended parent(s)?

In most infertility programs that use egg donors, program staff match a recipient with the donor who most closely resembles her, including ethnicity, religious affiliation, height, body build, skin type, eye color, and hair color/texture.  Other programs collect a database of donor profiles that intended parent(s) can browse through. The potential recipient will select a donor profile and the program staff will reach out to the egg donor with the news they have been matched.

How much of my information will be given to the intended parent(s)?

Once a possible match is identified, the intended parent(s) will be given information about you, and they will decide whether to proceed or wait for another match.  You may be asked to take intelligence tests or to provide other information (essays, childhood photos, school transcripts, standardized test scores,  lists of hobbies, etc.) that will be given to the potential parent(s).