If I'm not chosen

After submitting your initial application, an applicant must first be accepted into the egg donation program at the particular agency, egg bank, or fertility clinic. Many agencies are particular about the egg donors they accept.  Some agencies have strict requirements for family medical histories, mental health histories, and physical characteristics.  When agencies make these guidelines, they are not being cruelly exclusive.  Rather, they are catering to their clientele who are looking for specific genetic markers.

Questions to ask:

What if I am not accepted?

If you are not accepted as a potential donor, it is natural to feel rejection or disappointment. There may be many reasons why you might be rejected, e.g., an increase in medical risks or scheduling conflicts. Keep in mind that this is a complex process. In most cases you and the intended parent(s) are not the best possible match. See if the agency/clinic can provide you with feedback about your rejection and/or refer you to a different agency.