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You’ve likely already seen ads seeking egg donors for reproduction or research purposes. At face value, it may seem like a great opportunity to earn money while helping others. But what else is there to know? What questions should you be asking? Are there unseen aspects to consider?

If you want to make an informed choice about whether or not to donate your eggs, you’re in the right place.

Here, you can access non-directive, evidence-based information to help you make a choice about whether egg donation is right for you.

This website is the product of a partnership between Generations Ahead, the Health Equity Institute for Research, Practice and Policy at San Francisco State University, ChoiceUSA, and We Are Egg Donors.

What makes this resource unique is that we are not recruiters, nor will the creators of this site profit from your choice. Google “egg donation” and you’ll find that the majority of the information about egg donation available online is presented by egg donation agencies or IVF clinics who are seeking to recruit new egg donors. There is no regulated standard for the presentation of this information, which can be confusing and complicated.

We created this resource – organizing the six stages of egg donation from start to finish – to compile information that will help you better understand what is involved.

It also covers the controversies and conversations surrounding egg donation from multiple perspectives.

The decision whether or not to donate your eggs is personal, and we believe that each individual person should weigh their own circumstances and access unbiased information to make her own choice.

All women are unique and have had different life experiences around race, class, gender, sexuality, reproduction and religion, and all of these experiences will inform each woman’s decision on egg donation differently.

Our goal is to be non-directive while offering women the information they need to make their own decision about whether or not egg donation is right for them. We’ve attempted to capture the many different experiences and perspectives surrounding this issue so that each woman can make the most informed decision for herself.

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About the Organizations Behind This Website

This website is the product of a partnership between Generations Ahead, the Health Equity Institute for Research, Practice and Policy at San Francisco State University, ChoiceUSA, and We Are Egg Donors.

Generations Ahead

Generations Ahead’s mission is to bring diverse communities together to expand the public debate and promote policies on genetic technologies that protect human rights and affirm our shared humanity.

The Health Equity Institute

The mission of the Health Equity Institute (HEI) is to create an intellectual environment that encourages diversity of perspectives, challenges conventional approaches, and produces innovative action-oriented research in the biomedical and behavioral sciences in order to improve health, eliminate health disparities, and establish equity in health.


Choice USA envisions a world where all people have agency over their own bodies and relationships, and the power, knowledge, and tools to exercise that agency. Choice USA builds this vision by engaging young people in creating and leading the way to sexual and reproductive justice for all by providing training, field mobilization, and national leadership for a youth-driven agenda.

We Are Egg Donors

We Are Egg Donors is an international support and advocacy organization for egg donors worldwide. Founded by three egg donors, with members in more than 12 countries, its mission is to promote health initiatives that make donor health a top priority. We Are Egg Donors is dedicated to accurately representing the diversity of egg donor stories, and upholds a donation policy that turns away funds from institutions that profit from donor eggs.

How to use this site

We’ve designed this website in a format that encourages women to ask questions about what they want, what the risks and benefits are to the procedures, and what they need to know about the whole process. We believe that each woman who takes her life circumstances into consideration, and is supported with unbiased information, will make the most appropriate decision for herself. We hope this information will allow her to ask critical questions about what she wants and needs, about the process of egg donation, and about the procedure itself in order to safeguard her personal aspirations, her body, and her health.

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